Miniaturen for piano (2015/16)
(20 min)

Boosey & Hawkes Berlin

First performance
First performance of excerpts: Nadezda Tseluykina, Küsten, Germany, April 09th, 2016
First entire performance: Nadezda Tseluykina, Berlin, Germany, February 13th 2018

Composer´s Notes (2016)
(translation: Howard Weiner)

The Miniatures for piano are a collection of little piano pieces of one to three minutes in duration and varying degrees of difficulty.
The individual miniatures are self-contained little pieces and can be presented as such in concert (for example, as encores).
But they also behave like episodes of a season´s series (analogous to television series). Depending on the cross relationships resulting from the combination and the concert context, new perspectives and chasms open up, new facets of that what is seemingly known suddenly show themselves. The pieces can be variously combined or integrated into concert programs and are suitable for developing different dramaturgies (storylines).
The Miniatures were created for and in collaboration with the pianist Nadezda Tseluykina.

The titles of the individual pieces imply contents and techniques to be used (in the manner of film techniques, among other things). However, the music is not reducible to this – much too often, one appears to be on a false trail, undreamt of worlds open up, or firm convictions are shaken.

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